Women In Cloud Network
Women In Cloud Network

Welcome to #WiCDigitalNetwork

Together, we create economic access for women in the cloud economy.

About Us

The world tells us there’s not enough pie to go around. So what? We’ll just make a bigger pie. Women in Cloud, a community-led economic development initiative, has a massive mission: to take action with global leaders, corporations and policy makers to help women entrepreneurs create $1 billion in economic access and opportunity by 2030. And we won’t stop until we get there. Pie for all!

#WiCDigitalNetwork: Why You Should Join

Getting and giving economic access is key. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider joining the #WiCDigitalNetwork:

1. UN SDG Global Goals: Advancing UN Global Goals by 2030 is integral to WiC’s mission. You have access to participate in programs such as Cloud Accelerator, #CloudInnovateHER, #AISolution2030 to actively create a pipeline of solutions and talent to achieve gender parity in tech entrepreneurship. 

2. #WiCNews: Get access to timely information about WiC activities before it becomes public news

3. DEI Champion: Get access to WiC solutions to champion DEI initiatives within your company.  

4. WiC Community Groups: Participate in groups specific to your interests and easily connect with members in the WiC network

5. #WiCCloudAmbassador: Become an ambassador and activate your local network

6. Digital Cloud Academy: Access to Cloud-focused educational resources around business, leadership, and technology

7. #WiCCloudSolutionMarketplace: Easily access cloud solutions developed by female tech entrepreneurs and invite them to participate in RFP opportunities in your organization or communities.

8. #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge: Ability to host #CloudInnovateHER pitch challenge in your local market.

9. #1000Mentorships: Become a mentor and provide access to your knowledge, expertise, and experiences to change people's lives.

10. It is free to join. We are a contributing network. the more you contribute, the more you get access to opportunities.